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Consultation about a particular issue


Dental health check (discounted for regular patients)     


Dental health check  (new patient)              


Fastbraces/Inman aligner assessment 


Low dose small digital X-rays (each)             


Low dose Full mouth X-ray


3D dental scan (CBCT)    


Scaling and polishing of the teeth          

from £58

Gentle Biofilm therapy (additional fees)


Fissure sealants to prevent decay (per tooth)       


Topical fluoride for sensitivity


Tooth whitening 

from £199

Professional sports guard


Temporary fillings


Low mercury silver fillings        


Blended tooth coloured fillings (front)


Direct tooth coloured inlay (back)       


Chameleon effects (additional fee)

From £110

Pin retention for very large fillings (per pin)


Root canal fillings incisors and canines from


Extraction and associated follow up care


Wisdom tooth surgery


Acrylic upper or lower denture (superior/deluxe teeth)


Ultra thin Chrome denture (superior/deluxe teeth)


24 hour Denture repair


Re-cement crown/bridge retainer (per unit)           


Perfect match bespoke ceramic crown or veneer


Gentle Dental bonded crown


Post support for a crown 


High gold crown


Acid etch bridge from (2 units) 


Bonded bridgework (3 units) from


Indirect porcelain inlay   


Direct veneer


Implants - the most natural way to replace a missing tooth


Sedation - for the anxious patient


Botox for the treatment of fine wrinkles: from


Restylane injections for the treatment of deep wrinkles


Emergency out of hours call-out




Needle free anaesthetic


Anti snoring Silensor Guard


Our fees

We are pleased to be associated with the Denplan scheme to help patients budget for the cost of their dentistry. For a small monthly fee patients can receive comprehensive coverage for their dentistry. Denplan Care fees for adults and children start from £23 per month. An assessment is made of the condition of your teeth before you join the scheme and you are free to join or leave the scheme at any time. You should be dentally fit before we can accept you onto Denplan.

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